the saying goes “good fences make good neighbors,” but in my experience i say forget the fences, good neighbors make good neighbors.

this rang especially true in our last home downtown, where we were blessed to have the P family move into the row home next to ours.  we had a few other good neighbors on the block, but none that were more helpful than the awesome P fam…  in fact, they may have rescued me on a few too many occasions when i was home alone with the kids… there was the time my 2.5-year-old locked the two of us out on the second story deck- with our 6-month-old alone inside,  the several times i couldn’t figure out how to open our garage door during power outages (for real, why are those things so complicated?), the spare floor boards they gave us for replacement so we didn’t have to buy a whole box, and the many times i had to run over with a jar of whatever that i couldn’t get open by myself.  i’m not sure i ever rescued them in the way they did us– they’re on top of things like that– but i have absolutely loved getting to know them and getting to photograph beautiful miss L along the way.

this was miss L’s 6-month session (there is a 1-year session somewhere in my list of to-blogs), but i couldn’t be more excited to do miss L’s next session as a BIG SISTER soon!

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