if there is one reason to break my blog silence, it is this:  a cry for help.

a cry for help, for hope, for prayer, for compassion, and for strength.  as much as you can give, and as much as they can get.

meet the Malins.

i had the pleasure of getting to know the malin family back in may when one of my favorite clients set up a very spur-of-the-moment shoot for them.  the malins are one of those families that i love working with– they are the happy, laid-back, roll-with-the-punches sort that just oozes love and every good thing that makes a family a family.

so if you’ve tried to set up a session with me anytime in the past 2 years, you know that spur-of-the-moment just doesn’t happen unless it is planned at least 3 months in advance… but there are exceptions to every rule, and there comes a time in each person’s life when she is called on to serve a higher purpose.

you see, mike had just been diagnosed with a brain tumor for the second time and was in the beginning stages of radiation.  he had beat the C monster once before, but, with kids ages 3 and 1.5, a family shoot was in order before those all-familiar side effects of radiation kicked in.

unfortunately, after radiation, brain surgery, and rehab, the M family has just received the worst news possible:  mike’s doctors discovered new tumors that indicate that this is not a winning battle for him.  mike is now at home spending his last few days surrounded by love ones.  it is the hardest thing to think about sweet D & A losing such a fun, kind-spirited, amazing daddy, but my hope is that one day they will look back at these images and not just see, but feel how much their daddy loves them.  (because boy does he ever)

so this is where you come in:  do what you can.  pray. send strength to the malin family in any way you know how.  both mike and cathy stopped working in order to fight this cancer with everything they have, so one of the biggest things you can do is help the family with the mountain of medical bills they face by donating here:


any and every little thing helps, there is no donation too large or too small.

i can think of no better thing for us to do than to allow mike the peace of knowing that his young family will be taken care of

as i was sitting down to write this post, i flipped back through all of the images from our shoot and one theme seemed undeniable:  a mother’s love is a supernatural power.

there was one shot in particular where each mother was protectively looking over her child(ren)… it just happened… it was natural, instinctual, and something every mother can connect with instantly.  you can almost feel the total selflessness both Cathy and Mike’s mom have taken on– with a joyful, willing heart, no less….. almost as if neither realizes the depth of her sacrifice as she carries her family through this.

i can’t imagine being in either mother’s shoes… or maybe the horrifying truth is that i can, and it is unbearable even in thought alone.  both cathy and mike’s mom carry on with an elegant grace and calm power that you know wells up from something far beyond will.

in fact, everyone around the malin family comments on how how impossibly strong cathy is… but i think perhaps it’s not strength, perhaps it is love in love’s most perfect form.  afterall, even strength has its limits, but these women surpassed those long long ago.

{UPDATE:  9/10/13    Mike passed away last night.  while we lift him up and remember him,  we also need to surround and comfort his precious family as best we can.  keep up the good work with the donations– let’s take care of Mike’s family on his behalf and give Cathy and the kids the stability they need as they transition into a very difficult “new normal.”  i am heartened by the generosity of strangers, knowing that this is the sort of love that changes the world.}

{…for my power is made perfect in weakness  IIcor12:9 }

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