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Posted on January 17, 2013

along with a new year, we have some new things rolling out for awmullins photography.  first, i will only be taking repeat clients for the remainder of 2013 as i spend some time with my wee ones and focus on my craft.   (that’s the fancy way of saying that i’m hunkering down for some workshops and playing around with personal photography projects… and breathing).  also, you’ll notice some branding changes coming up in the next few months– and a good gallery overhaul.  let’s just pause for a moment of silence on that one since everything in those galleries is from 2010/early 2011.  it’s time, folks.  it’s time.

so to celebrate the dawn of a manageable work/child rearing schedule, here’s a throwback to a project i did with the fabulous Lauren Richie!   Lauren is a graphic designer who trekked down from NYC for a fun shoot to be used for some personal branding.   i had the BEST time– and even almost fell on her from a step ladder… 9 months pregnant.  you should have seen the fear in her eyes with that one 😉  (being crushed by a falling orca isn’t your typical day-to-day risk, so we’ll give her that substantiated fear).  though working for another company at the time, she is currently an incredible designer working for bath & body works– so cheers to them, because who wouldn‘t want to work with this fun of a chick!?

please excuse the brief blogging hiatus…

our little family has just grown by TWO {more} FEET! 🙂


…i promise a full introduction to sweet mr W in another post soon!!

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seriously.  such a gorgeous family!  little miss d was my first newborn shoot (well, first shoot really), so i was excited to have the privilege of doing her 6-month shoot as well!  it is so much fun getting to see her grow- her parents are going to have their hands full when she grows up… boys will be knocking down the door for sure 😉

mr d and mr r are such personalities– just adorable!  mr d is borderline obsessed with soccer, so we had to get in some good action-shot-bribery  for willing participation in the family shots 😉

i just love how the personalities shine through and you can tell that they have such a fun, laid-back  family dynamic.

“he makes a racket!” umm, cutest thing ever. seriously, miss a had some of the cutest baby tricks i’ve seen, & she is such a beauty to boot! i so enjoyed this session & can’t wait to do it all over again when her new baby brother arrives!

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