there’s no way to talk about little miss C and her wonderful parents without telling the whole story.  so i suppose a good place to start is at the very beginning, which puts us back in september of 2001 at Furman University.

this sweet baby’s mama was a ball of red-headed energy that i met day one on our freshman hall, and we quickly became friends.   come to think of it, she was partially responsible for me meeting my (future) husband that very week.  to call M a good friend would be an understatement– she is a pillar of kindness, strength and conviction– and a friend to all, but we were lucky to call her roomie. (yeah, there’s a third leg to this friendship, and talking about it without mentioning miss A feels like an unfinished puzzle).

M and I have seen each other through some of our biggest growing years, and i feel blessed to be here through her biggest change of all.  watching her become a mommy was like taking a step back and watching myself go through it all over again… totally different, but  exactly the same somehow… and just as meaningful.

back in 2001, somewhere deep in the biology department at an obscene hour i’m sure, if you had told me that in 12 years i would be photographing M’s week old baby girl, i would have called you crazy.

but shifting from science to art has never been more rewarding, and here i am, and here she is: that baby our ‘back-then’ selves would sometimes talk about as if we had a clue about parenting and motherhood.   she’s right here.  she is sweet and adorable and perfect, and looks like the cutest little girl version of her daddy, and that is a pretty amazing thing to see.

in the spirit of good friends, i thought i’d do a little throwback to miss a’s newborn shoot.   sweet miss a’s mama was a very close friend of mine in middle and high school.  we went our separate ways to college (she to VA, i to SC).  when her parents moved away from our hometown and she landed one of those crazy ‘who-would-have-ever-thought’ type jobs in DC, i figured our time of living nearby was over.  wrong!

as our crazy adventure in medicine rolled on, jeff and i made our way from SC to WV to baltimore, and miss a’s mama and i found ourselves pregnant at the same time with only 60ish miles between us. in fact, miss a was my last photo session before having our own little mister!   there’s just something about finding your way back to an old friend at a time when one is a few days postpartum and the other is shrek-style-mega-pregnant.  it’s almost comical really… one of those ‘look at us now’/’what have we done’ sort of moments.  in the end, we’ve seen each other at our worst and our best, and that’s one of those things time just never takes away.

one thing i realized in december 2011 as soon as i saw sweet newborn A:  ” this kid inside my belly is probably about the same size as this kid i’m about to photograph!”

and judging by the size of my little chunker when he was born, i’m pretty sure i was right!

miss a was such a pleasure to photograph– maneuvering around my then-enormous belly was no easy task, but she certainly made it easier.  she had the sweetest disposition and squishy little lips!

.. and last year’s sweetest little turkey!

first things first, check out all that awesome hair on sweet miss a!   her parents certainly had a lot to be thankful for, and thankful they were.     miss a had a hard time settling down for a while, as most babies do (i mean, hey, who’s this crazy lady, what’s with the camera in my face, and WHY am i naked?!)…  but she found a nice little bowl to call home for a while and snuggled right in!!

meet mr m | baltimore newborn photographer

Posted on September 9, 2012

aaaaaand i’m back!   officially running about 11 months behind on blog posts, but things have been nuts in the mullins household lately.    between toddler birthday, baby christening, death in the family, house sale, house purchase, packing for moving, UNpacking when the buyers fell through 2 weeks before moving date, house sale part two, and house purchase part two,  i feel like i’ve barely had time to breathe- forget doing a blog post!

i’m excited to say that i get to do precious mr m’s cake smash next month- and hopefully they will make it to the blog in a much more timely manner this time 😉  this adorable little mister has the most perfect little boy’s room- lucky boy has a creative mama who made the most of her bed rest!

… well, mohawk hat anyway 🙂

if mr H isn’t just the cutest little thaaang, i swear!  (yep.  been home for a week and that Southern flavor is kickin back in full force)

i adore his sweet little scrunchy mouth and those cheeks– you just want to eat them up!  i could tell from just walking in the house that h’s mama has that certain eye for things, and it turns out i was right– she is an artist-turned-teacher!  it’s always fun to talk shop while waiting for the baby to settle down.   the best part is that this shoot was three days shy of forever ago, so i’ve gotten to see little H grow, and let me tell you, he gets even cuter by the minute.  whodathunk that was ever possible!?

it was one of those days.  you drag all of your props/equipment/pregnant-self out to the car and realize that it’s raining.  you can’t find a parking spot, so you drive the same 2 blocks 4 times until someone leaves, and you drag all of your props/equipment/pregnant-self out of the car into a torrential downpour.  you have a moment of dread that comes with the “oh crap is there even going to be enough light to take photos” realization.

and then it happens:    a beautiful home, a beautiful couple, one beautiful baby girl, and juuuuust enough light.

that day may not have offered much light, but little miss V certainly did!  she was so sweet- even loving on a baseball for her baseball-loving daddy (who just so happened to work for the O’s).

one of my favorite things about my job is when i get to meet fun new parents. not that there aren’t many fun parents out there (there are), but it’s always nice to meet people who are laid-back, fun, and look forward to expanding their social life with their new addition rather than feeling hindered by him. handsome mr e was lucky enough to be born into one of those families!

let the wild rompus begin! | personal

Posted on March 28, 2012

meet master w,    the newest mullins 

  this little fella has been a part of our lives for exactly two months now, and it has taken me almost as long to finish editing his newborn photos! i guess that’s what happens when you’re trying to adjust to life with two kids?   i’m not gonna lie and say that it’s been easy, but we have finally settled into somewhat of a routine and it’s getting easier by the minute. call it chronic lack of sleep, but i have a hard time remembering life without him!

  miss G has adjusted beautifully to being a big sister– she is crazy, wild, compassionate, loving, and, most importantly, will leave her brother alone… for the most part.  i thought she would have a hard time when i was paying more attention to W, but she is right there beside me calming him down and talking to him with the cutest little “awwwww, bebe! is ok bebe! come ‘ere. awwwwww!” haha

of course, when it came time to take photos with him, she was having NONE of it…. that is, unless he was in a “boat.” and you can forget having her actually touch him unless they were both in “boats”!   i suppose that’s how a 2.5-year-old mind rationalizes walking in on a photo shoot with a newborn in a dough bowl…  clearly, he’s boating. 😉


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  first off, how cute is newborn e!?  you can definitely tell he’s the sibling of his firecracker big brother, b.    we had our session the day before b’s 3rd birthday party, so he was quite excited reading and re-reading all of his birthday cards.  (so cute!)  the excitement faded to antsy pants as our session went on, and just when we thought he was completely over getting family shots, b pulled out his most favorite thing to “read” of all:  his parent’s honeymoon photos!  check out that awesome sunshine-y smile!   the w family is so lucky to have two incredibly cute boys on their hands.  watch out, world!


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