sweet mr M was my first session back from having our second baby, and what a fun way to dust off my working shoes!  the most fun thing about mr M is that you never know what you’re gonna get, and that day i got… a monkey.  glued to a tree.  who didn’t want to do anything else.  😉  once we got our monkey noises out of the way and pried him off the birch, he was all set for adventure time!!  (and would you just look at those happy eyes!?  this kid smiles with his whole face– 100% contagious!)

this incredible little mister has been my client since he was -2 months old, hanging out in his mama’s belly, and it has been so much fun getting to photograph him along the way!

unfortunately, mr I’s one-year-old session was his last in baltimore since the C family uprooted for friendly folks, down-home-cookin’ , and a gentler way of life shortly thereafter.  of course i’m going to miss one of my favorite families to photograph, but heading South is something i understand with just about every fiber of my being 😉  so three cheers for SC  and the hope that we get to work together again someday in sweet Dixie!

the saying goes “good fences make good neighbors,” but in my experience i say forget the fences, good neighbors make good neighbors.

this rang especially true in our last home downtown, where we were blessed to have the P family move into the row home next to ours.  we had a few other good neighbors on the block, but none that were more helpful than the awesome P fam…  in fact, they may have rescued me on a few too many occasions when i was home alone with the kids… there was the time my 2.5-year-old locked the two of us out on the second story deck- with our 6-month-old alone inside,  the several times i couldn’t figure out how to open our garage door during power outages (for real, why are those things so complicated?), the spare floor boards they gave us for replacement so we didn’t have to buy a whole box, and the many times i had to run over with a jar of whatever that i couldn’t get open by myself.  i’m not sure i ever rescued them in the way they did us– they’re on top of things like that– but i have absolutely loved getting to know them and getting to photograph beautiful miss L along the way.

this was miss L’s 6-month session (there is a 1-year session somewhere in my list of to-blogs), but i couldn’t be more excited to do miss L’s next session as a BIG SISTER soon!

i owe much of my photography business to two people.  the first being my in-laws for giving me my first hand-me-down dslr in 2009, and the second being this lady.  B is solely responsible for pushing me into starting up this crazy little thing i’ve got going here, and i couldn’t possibly be more grateful.  she believed in my photography looooooooong before i ever did, and somehow managed to set up my first gig before i had even considered this dream could be a reality.   anyone that knows me well can tell you that i am extremely cautious about change.  that doesn’t mean that i don’t like it, but i try to over-prepare and consider every outcome before i’m willing to jump off the ledge.  (i know, over-prepare for the unknown?  i sound like a crazy person.)  B is the total opposite– she sees a great idea and goes for it with wild abandon…   i love and admire that about her.

so yeah.  here is B and her awesome family from our 2011 holiday session.  couldn’t be happier to call these fiiiiine folks our friends 🙂

miss L was so sweet and smiley on that perfectly crisp (ok. cold.) fall morning…. in 2011.   are you seeing the throwback theme yet?  because it’s going to continue for a good while as i play catch up.  something about two kids throws even the most organized person in to a spiral of procrastination…. or survival.

yeah, survival.  😉

.. and last year’s sweetest little turkey!

first things first, check out all that awesome hair on sweet miss a!   her parents certainly had a lot to be thankful for, and thankful they were.     miss a had a hard time settling down for a while, as most babies do (i mean, hey, who’s this crazy lady, what’s with the camera in my face, and WHY am i naked?!)…  but she found a nice little bowl to call home for a while and snuggled right in!!

mr j was one of my so so sweet newborns who came back for a 6-month family session last fall (yes… last fall.  i just… ugh… yeah.  i swear i’m going to catch up one of these days… as soooooon as i get one certain little lady potty trained.. right?  right?)

anyway, mr j is such a fun little guy and i had a great time getting to see him at each step along the way– in his mama’s belly, just a few days old, and smiling, giggling, and coming into his own awesome little personality!   i just love how he plays around with his mommy- wide mouth cheek kisses, neck snuggles, and huge belly laughs.  that’s the stuff little life is made of.  that’s the stuff  to remember…  and, hopefully, looking at these will bring the B family right back to the way his skin felt, his unexpected excitement, and the way his face lit up when they walked in the room.    (man i love this age)

meet mr m | baltimore newborn photographer

Posted on September 9, 2012

aaaaaand i’m back!   officially running about 11 months behind on blog posts, but things have been nuts in the mullins household lately.    between toddler birthday, baby christening, death in the family, house sale, house purchase, packing for moving, UNpacking when the buyers fell through 2 weeks before moving date, house sale part two, and house purchase part two,  i feel like i’ve barely had time to breathe- forget doing a blog post!

i’m excited to say that i get to do precious mr m’s cake smash next month- and hopefully they will make it to the blog in a much more timely manner this time 😉  this adorable little mister has the most perfect little boy’s room- lucky boy has a creative mama who made the most of her bed rest!

first things first (and get this straight), miss m looks in no way like a little boy.  for starters, she was wearing hot pink, striped leggings, a skirt, and her sweet little face is oh-so-very feminine.     well there was no way of convincing a very strange passer-by of this as he tried repeatedly to convince us that she was a boy.  aaaaaawkward, much?

i have done so many shoots at the wharf, and i have never encountered so much strangeness as we did during our session!  besides our incredibly awkward encounter with an adamant elderly man, we were also surrounded by a couple that laid down in the grass and completely covered themselves with a quilt (thank goodness for photoshop), and an interesting soul that decided to stand in the background of half our shots… staring directly at us (no really, THANK GOODNESS for photoshop).

we had a good laugh at it all and i really had so much fun getting to know miss m and her gorgeous mama!   this little ball of light reminds me so much of my own miss g at that age– bright, energetic, fun, and so easy to love!!

…and that fool is me.   i met up with the m family at fed hill park for their photo session.   unfortunately for me, this was right at the time that i started having major hip problems with my pregnancy.  tons and tons of tiny little stairs + repetitive squatting to shoot left me just about crippled halfway through our session.  to top it all off, someone asked me to snap a quick photo of them with their iphone.  of course, i should have just said no and continued on, but it caught me off guard and i figured i could do it in a matter of seconds… right?


as it turns out, i am physically incapable of hitting the correct iphone button. what is up with that?   i can shoot fully manual on a pro camera, but the iphone?  nope.  not that day, anyhow.

so there i was:  crippled, largely pregnant, and failing at the iphone camera as everyone looked on.

should have been a bad day, huh?  wrong again 🙂

that’s the best part–  i have that kind of job that makes me incredibly, ridiculously happy… even when it’s hard!    it definitely helped that i was doing a session with friends who rock and the adorable Mr T  (who just so happened to be appearing as Scotland in a pageant the next week.  what that means, i have no idea.  but it sounded important.  and dignified.  especially for a 2.5 year old 😉 )

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