.. and last year’s sweetest little turkey!

first things first, check out all that awesome hair on sweet miss a!   her parents certainly had a lot to be thankful for, and thankful they were.     miss a had a hard time settling down for a while, as most babies do (i mean, hey, who’s this crazy lady, what’s with the camera in my face, and WHY am i naked?!)…  but she found a nice little bowl to call home for a while and snuggled right in!!

mr j was one of my so so sweet newborns who came back for a 6-month family session last fall (yes… last fall.  i just… ugh… yeah.  i swear i’m going to catch up one of these days… as soooooon as i get one certain little lady potty trained.. right?  right?)

anyway, mr j is such a fun little guy and i had a great time getting to see him at each step along the way– in his mama’s belly, just a few days old, and smiling, giggling, and coming into his own awesome little personality!   i just love how he plays around with his mommy- wide mouth cheek kisses, neck snuggles, and huge belly laughs.  that’s the stuff little life is made of.  that’s the stuff  to remember…  and, hopefully, looking at these will bring the B family right back to the way his skin felt, his unexpected excitement, and the way his face lit up when they walked in the room.    (man i love this age)

first things first (and get this straight), miss m looks in no way like a little boy.  for starters, she was wearing hot pink, striped leggings, a skirt, and her sweet little face is oh-so-very feminine.     well there was no way of convincing a very strange passer-by of this as he tried repeatedly to convince us that she was a boy.  aaaaaawkward, much?

i have done so many shoots at the wharf, and i have never encountered so much strangeness as we did during our session!  besides our incredibly awkward encounter with an adamant elderly man, we were also surrounded by a couple that laid down in the grass and completely covered themselves with a quilt (thank goodness for photoshop), and an interesting soul that decided to stand in the background of half our shots… staring directly at us (no really, THANK GOODNESS for photoshop).

we had a good laugh at it all and i really had so much fun getting to know miss m and her gorgeous mama!   this little ball of light reminds me so much of my own miss g at that age– bright, energetic, fun, and so easy to love!!

…and that fool is me.   i met up with the m family at fed hill park for their photo session.   unfortunately for me, this was right at the time that i started having major hip problems with my pregnancy.  tons and tons of tiny little stairs + repetitive squatting to shoot left me just about crippled halfway through our session.  to top it all off, someone asked me to snap a quick photo of them with their iphone.  of course, i should have just said no and continued on, but it caught me off guard and i figured i could do it in a matter of seconds… right?


as it turns out, i am physically incapable of hitting the correct iphone button. what is up with that?   i can shoot fully manual on a pro camera, but the iphone?  nope.  not that day, anyhow.

so there i was:  crippled, largely pregnant, and failing at the iphone camera as everyone looked on.

should have been a bad day, huh?  wrong again 🙂

that’s the best part–  i have that kind of job that makes me incredibly, ridiculously happy… even when it’s hard!    it definitely helped that i was doing a session with friends who rock and the adorable Mr T  (who just so happened to be appearing as Scotland in a pageant the next week.  what that means, i have no idea.  but it sounded important.  and dignified.  especially for a 2.5 year old 😉 )

i had the pleasure of photographing beautiful miss m for the second time and i swear she’s getting even cuter by the minute!  it’s no surprise considering the gene pool 😉    we started off planning to meet at the m family’s swanky downtown home, but i quickly realized that the walk to the inner harbor (however short) was going to be a little too much for my very-pregnant-with-hurting-hips self.   when we met up at west shore park, it had become a little chilly and windy.. a little blustery, perhaps?  (why does that word always make me think of Great Britain?   so weird.)      luckily, miss m took it like a champ in all her adorable glory.

i just love this kid– and not only because he was my first newborn shoot 1.5 years ago (yes, i am still that far behind on blogging)

we started off with a backdrop in our garage for Christmas photos, but mr h quickly succumbed to the same fate as my own kiddo when i do shoots in there.  i call it the “oh hey- what’s on that overflowing shelf”  syndrome.   that’s what i get for packing so much stuuuuff on one side of the garage!   we managed some super cute shots (from which i will spare you because, ummmm well, it’s not so much Christmas anymore)  and moved on to the park just up the street.

i know i always say i love seeing how much these wee ones change,  but what isn’t amazing about seeing a child go from this to this:

hellooooooooo gorgeous!  it was no secret when i first met the S family that their wee one would be absolutely gorgeous… and he didn’t disappoint!   i meet so many of couples during the most stressful/awesome/exhausting time of their lives, so it was nice to get to know D & T during their maternity session before all the chaos began 🙂

with such a beautiful family, i wasn’t too concerned about getting good shots, but when D pulled out a full crab set-up, i knew it was on.  … because what says baltimore baby more than old bay and crabs?

in just a few short weeks, it went from this:

to this:

… and that is just a little bit incredible.

the s family has some of the most fun, spunky little characters that i’ve seen in a while!  so much about these three little ones reminded me of my family growing up.  they have almost the exact age differences as me and my younger brother & sister, and have some very similar personality traits!  (well, miss O was only 8 weeks, so that’s a little hard to tell, but Z & J definitely reminded me of myself and my brother)    this was such a fun shoot and these kiddos are incredibly lucky to have such an awesome back yard!!

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i just love this location– it was the perfect place for the super adorable, fun-loving T munchkins!  these kids are full of expression and such a joy to photograph 🙂    miss S kept reaching for her big brother’s hand.  in typical little boy fashion, he was resistant at first, but he eventually took her hand and i watched him fall into that oh-so-familiar protective older sibling role.  mr E  was very careful with S, often looking down at her while they were walking through the thick grass, making sure she was ok… melt my heart!

oh boy are the S’s going to be in trouble in about 7 years!   not only is miss K one gorgeous little lady, she already knows how to strut her stuff!   K came prepared with a plethora of poses and that rare kind of confidence that will take her places someday.  not to mention miss K’s studly two-year-old-of-a-brother, J.  he’s full of personality and such a little man– sweet hawk!

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