A is for amy

i will start off by saying that i love sessions to be relaxed and fun, because there is nothing more impossibly beautiful than a family being real.

i have been asked many times why i choose to focus my business around child photography, and the only real answer i know is that i don’t just photograph them,

i photograph FOR them.

as a parent myself, i know that i love having a quality photo of my child- tangible evidence of those little phases that i know will never happen again.   i want that so i can remember their little hands, the tight neck hugs, the way she looks up at me when she’s proud of herself, or the way he yells “i with mama”  followed by never ending games of “swing me!”    all of that is wonderful and perfect and meaningful beyond words, but that is not my end goal.  you see, i shoot for your kids.

i shoot for that little girl who in 13 years will pick up a photo and be able to say “this is how loved i am.”   i shoot for the ones whose have a sick parent and in 10 years will be grasping for memories of their relationship.  i shoot for the future children and grandchildren and great grandchildren and for the ones who look back to photographs to remember who they were as a child.  i photograph the lives of children because they are real, and wild, and free, and, more often than not, the memories of these ‘little years’ are the hardest ones to keep…

so keep them.

freeze them, cherish them, and keep them. not just for yourself, but for your kids.

(and my name is amy and i have a husband, dog, and two wild ones of my own and, hey, photos are my thing)

all images copyright 2010 amy mullins