there’s no way to talk about little miss C and her wonderful parents without telling the whole story.  so i suppose a good place to start is at the very beginning, which puts us back in september of 2001 at Furman University.

this sweet baby’s mama was a ball of red-headed energy that i met day one on our freshman hall, and we quickly became friends.   come to think of it, she was partially responsible for me meeting my (future) husband that very week.  to call M a good friend would be an understatement– she is a pillar of kindness, strength and conviction– and a friend to all, but we were lucky to call her roomie. (yeah, there’s a third leg to this friendship, and talking about it without mentioning miss A feels like an unfinished puzzle).

M and I have seen each other through some of our biggest growing years, and i feel blessed to be here through her biggest change of all.  watching her become a mommy was like taking a step back and watching myself go through it all over again… totally different, but  exactly the same somehow… and just as meaningful.

back in 2001, somewhere deep in the biology department at an obscene hour i’m sure, if you had told me that in 12 years i would be photographing M’s week old baby girl, i would have called you crazy.

but shifting from science to art has never been more rewarding, and here i am, and here she is: that baby our ‘back-then’ selves would sometimes talk about as if we had a clue about parenting and motherhood.   she’s right here.  she is sweet and adorable and perfect, and looks like the cutest little girl version of her daddy, and that is a pretty amazing thing to see.

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