well, changes are upon us.    

after 5 years of crazy business, i have finally closed shop on the Baltimore leg of this journey as we prepare for a big move South.  where, exactly, will we be headed?  we’re not ready to announce quite yet, but you can say that i’m both thrilled for our family at the idea of where we’re headed, but a bit sad to be leaving such an incredible city full of incredible people.   since moving to baltimore 7 years ago, we have always known the precise week of our departure– that’s how things go in the medical world.  you know the timeline, but rarely the destination.  so today i will deliver the last client order, dust off my hands, and spend a full weekend with my family for possibly the first time in all 5 years.   it’s a strange, emotional freedom.

 i plan to take the next year off from client work, and will likely pick right back up after that– because who could possibly stay away from such a fun job!?!  (spoiler alert: there are plans for a business overhaul in the works: new name. new branding.  new package model.)

SO, since things got insanely busy and i never kept up with blogging, i will be using some of my time over the next six months to blog past shoots and pick up my big girl camera for my OWN kids 😉
i figured what better way to start than by throwing back to a spring maternity shoot with the P family.  fits in with this winter weather, no?  ha.

we have known the P’s for a number of years, and were thrilled to hear that they were expecting…. because, let me tell you, no one ever wanted a kid more than this mister.  and can we talk about how incredibly stunning S is pregnant!?

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