growing up on a small mountain in tennessee, we had fog.  and i don’t mean a light hazy fog, i’m talking about the real can’t-see-the-car-in-front-of-you sort of fog that my mom always declared “thicker than pea soup.”   it comes with the territory of living so close to the clouds (but really, life changed the year they installed those road reflectors.  some days they were the only thing you could see when driving)

here in baltimore, thick fog is a rare thing, and something i’ve never had to think about on shooting days…. until the day of the S family shoot.   that morning, i looked out the window and cringed.  the light was gorgeous, it wasn’t going to rain, and it was wasn’t too cold, but i knew i had to call the S family, certain i was about to hear the usual “we were really hoping for a bright sunny day for our family photos.”   don’t get me wrong, i totally understand wanting blue skies and sunshine, but when the whole sky turns into a beautiful soft box of moody, feathered light, i get itchy to get out there.

so there i am at the window, phone ringing, still in my pj’s thinking we’re off for the morning.   R picks up, and i’m stunned by what she says next: “the photos are about our family, not the weather. if you think it will be good, let’s do it.”

and that, my friends, is what makes the S family so beautiful.  they get it.

so often, we lifestyle photographers have to rally parents to get in the frame, be present and be with your child in the moment.  be REAL.  we want you to forget about hair or wrinkles or those last five pounds or perfect weather.  capture the now that your child is in– the now that has you being YOU in it.  you may or may not radically change in the next two years, but it’s guaranteed that your child will.  these little years are fleeting, and if you don’t put your focus in the right place, they might just pass you by.

but, like i said, the s fam gets it.  they embrace the perfectly imperfect and honor life exactly how it is: beautiful, real, and, most importantly, now

gorgeous light and a fun, easy-going family… could i possibly ask for more?

this was my third session with the M family, and i have adored shooting with them every single time.  little mister m is cute as a button– even when the thinks i’m 100% crazy (because trying to keep him apart from his sudden and very deep love of bamboo makes me a crazy person, right?  talk about a bamboo forest in the wrong place at the wrong time ha! no worries, m&m’s were on the scene.  life went on.)

as adorable as mister m is, the thing i love most about working with the M family is that they have a sort of effortless realness about them.   it’s a beautiful thing to see, and even more beautiful to photograph…

it’s my favorite kind of perfect.

all images copyright 2010 amy mullins