shoots can be intimidating.  especially ones with people who have big titles and important jobs- and even more so when one’s husband has been training under their supervision for several years.

my first session with the S family began with me feeling a little timid about it all.  the funny thing about lifestyle family photography is that you need to get to the heart of the family, no matter what.  everyone feels weird in front of a camera, so it is my job to find the connection, find the fun, and pull out that gorgeous realness that makes a family a family.  it’s not a problem, because i tend to lose myself behind the camera and i’m sure i look absolutely nutty when doing so– no way anyone is staring at my clients when i’m hopping around making noises and singing songs.  but it all seemed a bit trickier going into a session where i wasn’t sure how much my get-that-real-smile-out-of-you tactics would embarrass my husband in the OR.  😉

turns out, that thing that happens when i put my camera to my face is much stronger than any other thought process, and i went right into my normal antics the second i met the S family.  the whole lead up to our first shoot was so silly– the S’s are wonderful and their kids have the most awesome personalities.  they are so much fun to work with!

all this talk about our first session and you’d think you get to see it, right?  wrong.  i got too far behind on blogging and it never happened.  BUT, fast forward a year and a half, and i got the joy of doing another session with them last fall– this time with a new member to the fam!   sweet mr T is just a bowl of happy (unless there are gnats.  truth.), and he definitely oozes personality just like miss B & big brother W.  it’s always fun to see how siblings interact in the little years, but these kids absolutely love each other.  so cue the slow clap for their parents- they are clearly doing something very very right.

all images copyright 2010 amy mullins