it’s a funny thing when you befriend the kid before the parent.

several years ago, a good friend of mine was watching miss M when we met up for a playdate.  while i had heard rumors of her mama being super-fun, all i saw was one ridiculously gifted little 1-year-old.  (the kind of gifted that makes you cut off conversation and ask “did she just point out the quadratic equation!?”… ok maybe not that far, but give it a year or two.  point being, chick is smart. really smart.)

as it turns out, miss M’s mommy is not only super-fun and the owner of gifted offspring, she has quickly become one of my “go-to’s.”   you know, one of those girls you quickly call up for an impromptu pizza-arsenic-hour-playdate-with-kids-EVERYWHERE who you can also go out on the town with grownup-style, and you know you’ll have fun either way.  there are a handful of girls up here that keep me going, and she is one of them.  it’s a wonderful thing to find a mommy-friend who is going through the same things at the same time (like being mega pregnant with #2’s with very late-working husbands while chasing toddlers), but it’s even better when that person is someone you would be friends with even if kids weren’t in the picture.

so meet the M family.  they’re gorgeous, spontaneous, and the most fun you can get with two littles in the house. they are some of my favorites, and they really need to get going on that cage building for the teenage years with kids this good-looking.

all images copyright 2010 amy mullins