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Posted on October 25, 2013

awkward timing on this one given the recent change from mild to frigid out, but why not throw a little hot, sweaty, july summer in here?!   had i been keeping up with this blog, you would have met little miss L at 6 days old about a year ago, but that blog post never happened, so meet miss L!  this little lady was just turning 1 and i loved getting to see how much she had changed since our first shoot!  during her newborn session, we discovered that miss L’s mama had lived in my husband’s home town (which is very small, so it was a bit of a “no way!” moment), and we were weeks away from moving 1 block away from the W family’s current home.  love how this old world feels so small and comfortable sometimes.

let’s just straighten up one little myth:  i’m still here.

i’ve just been stinking at keeping up with this little blog for- oh, well, you know- the last year and a half?  yikes.  i’ve realized that trying to keep in chronological order with sessions from 1 year ago just isn’t working for me— i’m much more excited about the stuff i’m cranking out now, and tracking down all the old files since the great computer crash of ’13 is just. not. fun. so here’s the new plan:  i’m going to start blogging stuff from this year, likely out of order, but it’s coming.  hopefully we’ll get some old stuff sprinkled in here and there, but no guarantees 🙂  onward and upward!

now on to the f family!  i met this awesome fam when they were a pack of 3, and miss z was just turning 1.  a crazy busy shooting schedule got in the way of doing awesome mr w’s newborn shoot, but i was thrilled that we were able to get a family session on the books a year later!  there is no denying that these little ones have awesome personalities (of course, i may just be biased because miss z reminds me so much of my own little lady), and they were just as awesome to work with- even with a huge storm rolling in closer by the minute.

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