in the spirit of good friends, i thought i’d do a little throwback to miss a’s newborn shoot.   sweet miss a’s mama was a very close friend of mine in middle and high school.  we went our separate ways to college (she to VA, i to SC).  when her parents moved away from our hometown and she landed one of those crazy ‘who-would-have-ever-thought’ type jobs in DC, i figured our time of living nearby was over.  wrong!

as our crazy adventure in medicine rolled on, jeff and i made our way from SC to WV to baltimore, and miss a’s mama and i found ourselves pregnant at the same time with only 60ish miles between us. in fact, miss a was my last photo session before having our own little mister!   there’s just something about finding your way back to an old friend at a time when one is a few days postpartum and the other is shrek-style-mega-pregnant.  it’s almost comical really… one of those ‘look at us now’/’what have we done’ sort of moments.  in the end, we’ve seen each other at our worst and our best, and that’s one of those things time just never takes away.

all images copyright 2010 amy mullins