i owe much of my photography business to two people.  the first being my in-laws for giving me my first hand-me-down dslr in 2009, and the second being this lady.  B is solely responsible for pushing me into starting up this crazy little thing i’ve got going here, and i couldn’t possibly be more grateful.  she believed in my photography looooooooong before i ever did, and somehow managed to set up my first gig before i had even considered this dream could be a reality.   anyone that knows me well can tell you that i am extremely cautious about change.  that doesn’t mean that i don’t like it, but i try to over-prepare and consider every outcome before i’m willing to jump off the ledge.  (i know, over-prepare for the unknown?  i sound like a crazy person.)  B is the total opposite– she sees a great idea and goes for it with wild abandon…   i love and admire that about her.

so yeah.  here is B and her awesome family from our 2011 holiday session.  couldn’t be happier to call these fiiiiine folks our friends 🙂

one thing i realized in december 2011 as soon as i saw sweet newborn A:  ” this kid inside my belly is probably about the same size as this kid i’m about to photograph!”

and judging by the size of my little chunker when he was born, i’m pretty sure i was right!

miss a was such a pleasure to photograph– maneuvering around my then-enormous belly was no easy task, but she certainly made it easier.  she had the sweetest disposition and squishy little lips!

miss L was so sweet and smiley on that perfectly crisp (ok. cold.) fall morning…. in 2011.   are you seeing the throwback theme yet?  because it’s going to continue for a good while as i play catch up.  something about two kids throws even the most organized person in to a spiral of procrastination…. or survival.

yeah, survival.  😉

all images copyright 2010 amy mullins