.. and last year’s sweetest little turkey!

first things first, check out all that awesome hair on sweet miss a!   her parents certainly had a lot to be thankful for, and thankful they were.     miss a had a hard time settling down for a while, as most babies do (i mean, hey, who’s this crazy lady, what’s with the camera in my face, and WHY am i naked?!)…  but she found a nice little bowl to call home for a while and snuggled right in!!

mr j was one of my so so sweet newborns who came back for a 6-month family session last fall (yes… last fall.  i just… ugh… yeah.  i swear i’m going to catch up one of these days… as soooooon as i get one certain little lady potty trained.. right?  right?)

anyway, mr j is such a fun little guy and i had a great time getting to see him at each step along the way– in his mama’s belly, just a few days old, and smiling, giggling, and coming into his own awesome little personality!   i just love how he plays around with his mommy- wide mouth cheek kisses, neck snuggles, and huge belly laughs.  that’s the stuff little life is made of.  that’s the stuff  to remember…  and, hopefully, looking at these will bring the B family right back to the way his skin felt, his unexpected excitement, and the way his face lit up when they walked in the room.    (man i love this age)

all images copyright 2010 amy mullins