meet mr m | baltimore newborn photographer

Posted on September 9, 2012

aaaaaand i’m back!   officially running about 11 months behind on blog posts, but things have been nuts in the mullins household lately.    between toddler birthday, baby christening, death in the family, house sale, house purchase, packing for moving, UNpacking when the buyers fell through 2 weeks before moving date, house sale part two, and house purchase part two,  i feel like i’ve barely had time to breathe- forget doing a blog post!

i’m excited to say that i get to do precious mr m’s cake smash next month- and hopefully they will make it to the blog in a much more timely manner this time 😉  this adorable little mister has the most perfect little boy’s room- lucky boy has a creative mama who made the most of her bed rest!

all images copyright 2010 amy mullins