it was one of those days.  you drag all of your props/equipment/pregnant-self out to the car and realize that it’s raining.  you can’t find a parking spot, so you drive the same 2 blocks 4 times until someone leaves, and you drag all of your props/equipment/pregnant-self out of the car into a torrential downpour.  you have a moment of dread that comes with the “oh crap is there even going to be enough light to take photos” realization.

and then it happens:    a beautiful home, a beautiful couple, one beautiful baby girl, and juuuuust enough light.

that day may not have offered much light, but little miss V certainly did!  she was so sweet- even loving on a baseball for her baseball-loving daddy (who just so happened to work for the O’s).

one of my favorite things about my job is when i get to meet fun new parents. not that there aren’t many fun parents out there (there are), but it’s always nice to meet people who are laid-back, fun, and look forward to expanding their social life with their new addition rather than feeling hindered by him. handsome mr e was lucky enough to be born into one of those families!

miss j came all the way from nashville for her photo session! ok ok, maybe not just for her session… you see, she was also visiting her cousin K, who just so happened to be my first client ever after starting this whole shindig almost 2 years ago!! it was so much fun getting to see how much K has grown– and of course i could have just eaten him up when he started taking pictures of me with his invisible camera 🙂 and hello- miss j’s expressions? love.

two of the cutest cousins ever, no??

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well, second place winner or something like that 😉

meet miss c!

her mama won a mini-session in a fitness contest and decided to use the session to document her sweet baby girl at 7 months old. this is my absolute favorite age to photograph (6-18 months, really)… and my favorite age to parent (so far) haha.    by this age, kids have grown into their awesome little personalities, but aren’t so mobile that i’m working up a hard sweat.   we’ve been terrible two-ing it for quite some time in casa de mullins, so hanging out with a happy little non-mobile bundle of joy was such a welcomed relief 🙂

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