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Posted on March 28, 2012

meet master w,    the newest mullins 

  this little fella has been a part of our lives for exactly two months now, and it has taken me almost as long to finish editing his newborn photos! i guess that’s what happens when you’re trying to adjust to life with two kids?   i’m not gonna lie and say that it’s been easy, but we have finally settled into somewhat of a routine and it’s getting easier by the minute. call it chronic lack of sleep, but i have a hard time remembering life without him!

  miss G has adjusted beautifully to being a big sister– she is crazy, wild, compassionate, loving, and, most importantly, will leave her brother alone… for the most part.  i thought she would have a hard time when i was paying more attention to W, but she is right there beside me calming him down and talking to him with the cutest little “awwwww, bebe! is ok bebe! come ‘ere. awwwwww!” haha

of course, when it came time to take photos with him, she was having NONE of it…. that is, unless he was in a “boat.” and you can forget having her actually touch him unless they were both in “boats”!   i suppose that’s how a 2.5-year-old mind rationalizes walking in on a photo shoot with a newborn in a dough bowl…  clearly, he’s boating. 😉


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  first off, how cute is newborn e!?  you can definitely tell he’s the sibling of his firecracker big brother, b.    we had our session the day before b’s 3rd birthday party, so he was quite excited reading and re-reading all of his birthday cards.  (so cute!)  the excitement faded to antsy pants as our session went on, and just when we thought he was completely over getting family shots, b pulled out his most favorite thing to “read” of all:  his parent’s honeymoon photos!  check out that awesome sunshine-y smile!   the w family is so lucky to have two incredibly cute boys on their hands.  watch out, world!


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  rewind to last fall… or maybe even summer… i am THAT far behind.  (lets blame pregnancy?  and childbirth?  and owning two little monsters that keep me busy 24/7?)     

 i got to do a session with miss j and her awesome parents, who just so happen to be in our playgroup– always a treat!   miss j was only weeks away from becoming a big sister, so it was special getting to photograph them in their last days as a family of 3.  there is something so precious about those last few months …   while you are ready to welcome the newest addition, you also want to savor your 1-on-1 time and really make it count…  because as much as it is the beginning of a new chapter, it is also the end of another… and i love that the A family wanted to document that. 








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