i usually do my newborn shoots within the first 10 days of the baby being born… and i usually stick to that…  for so many reasons, really: posability, sleepiness, colic hasn’t set in, etcetera etcetera.

     but this little fella managed to sneak in at a cool 4 weeks old 🙂   i will be the first to admit that i was super nervous we wouldn’t get much out of the session, but i was in for a surprise!   little man did such a good job and i had fun while we were at it!! 









  helloooo gorgeous family! 

miss s and her big sister are just the sweetest little things– and an absolute joy to photograph!   i love seeing girls at this age being such good big sisters– gives me hope that my own miss g will be a great older sibling to our upcoming wee one (…or maybe that she won’t poke his eyes out every chance she gets… we’ll settle for that, too.)





four! | baltimore family photographer

Posted on November 6, 2011

  these four munchkins were so much fun to photograph– talk about personality!  i knew we were in for a good time as soon as i spotted mr M walking up the hill in his head-to-toe superhero suit complete with foam muscles.   the d family is so much fun and while they have their hands full, they’ve done an awesome job of raising fun, unique little munchkins!


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