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Posted on September 25, 2011

  while the main focus was really miss B in all of her 1-year-old glory, of course i had to sneak in a few of her super adorable & spunky older brother as well.  we were able to shoot at such a gorgeous location, but failed to think of one tiny little downfall… in mass quantities: gnats.   these two munchkins were such troopers while gnats were dive-bombing us all– not even the gnats could get in the way of all their cuteness 😉

  gorgeous miss j is one of those lucky babies to have two loving, protective parents and one curious and also protective sibling… of the pet persuasion 😉 

  but as i snapped along, i had this sneaking suspicion that miss j’s mama might not be quite as excited about miss j’s furry older sibling.    and i totally get it.  it’s hard to have a dog and a kiddo!  one day it’s all about the furry friend that is nothing but an asset to your family of two.  add a newborn to the mix, and suddenly your loving pet becomes a bit of an obstacle. 

 THEN, after you blink and your newborn is turning two, you develop this awesome hatred for every time your dog wakes up your kid with his barking, eats your kid’s food right out of her hands, makes even the smallest mess (c’mon, doesn’t he realize that i’m drowning in toddler tornado already!?), and the fact that he has hair.  hair that magically flees his body and rolls around the house tumbleweed-style despite vacuuming on a daily near-daily…  a basis that exists.  

…. can you tell we’re having pet issues in the household mullins?  😉   i may or may not be a bit bitter at this point.  i mean, i love my dog. 

all dog ridiculousness aside, miss j is such a little joy and i had a wonderful time getting to know her awesome family.  (miss j’s mama even lived in my hometown for a few years–and that is quite the rarety in these parts.  two points for the W family!)



four cousins | maryland family photographer

Posted on September 5, 2011

  close family is everything.   see, i grew up with tons of cousins and we all (save two) lived within 20 minutes of eachother.  in fact, one of my cousins and i were practically attached at the hip throughout the first decade of our lives.  all this to say that i can absolutely appreciate a family that is able to keep their children close with one another.  in a time where families are spread across the nation, it really is priceless 🙂

  i met up with these four cuties for a fun evening playing on the beach and snapping away.  and really, i couldn’t have asked for a better beach location near baltimore (i know, whaaat?) 











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