nothing makes you realize the importance of family history quite like bringing a new life into the family.   where i grew up, heirlooms and ancestry are fiercely revered, but nothing compares to having 4 generations of love under one roof… in one room… in one photo, really.    all this to say, i was thrilled when mr i’s mama said that she would have her mother and grandmother in town for the photo shoot 🙂

mr i is just the cutest little thing (and my goodness– look at all of that completely part-able hair!?)-  i was so happy to get to hang out with his family again.  mr i was the second one i got to photograph from belly to baby– so fun!

from trains to bug hunts, mr b is allllll boy-  and a super cute one at that 😉

i made it down to virginia to meet up with the R family at a botanical garden– it was so much fun getting out of my usual haunts and exploring a completely new space.   what made it more fun was that the R family was so willing to play around and just be themselves.  nothing better!

when miss a’s mama first contacted me, she mentioned that she is a dancer and her husband is a rocker, and they wanted to incorporate both into the shoot.   my mind immediately jumped to pointe shoes and guitars… but it was missing that certain touch that just screamed “rock”.   i was absolutely stumped, that is, until i came across the most perfect knitted mohawk hat!  the black version of the hat just wasn’t cutting it for beautiful miss a, so i contacted the seller to have it made in cream, and voila!  a gorgeous little rocker was born!

i just loved working with the K family– i had so much fun getting to play around and push my ‘norm’  a little more.  love!

sweet mr j’s mama was my first maternity shoot ever, making mr j the first wee one that i’ve seen from belly to baby.   mr j was just perfect– sleepy and calm and 100% adorable!   i have loved getting to know the b family (and their absolutely enviable farmhouse kitchen shutters) and can’t wait for j’s 6 month shoot this fall!

all images copyright 2010 amy mullins