how is it always so shocking how fast these little guys grow?   i was shocked at my own munchkin, shocked at other friends’ kids, and continue to be shocked at how fast my littlest clients go from 8 days old to 6 months old.  you’d think i would be used to it by now!

i just love mr d’s family– they are so much fun! (not to mention gorgeous)

miss g & miss a are two of the most fun little girls– absolute characters!  miss g is full of imagination, and after a few bug hunts and grass showers, a light bulb went off:  we need bubbles!    i had a blast photographing the s family and am more than slightly jealous of all their outdoor space (living in a baltimore rowhome makes even an extra coat closet cause immediate drooling jealousy)

…..bug hunt!

r was just glowing when we met up a few weeks before her little one was due.   r & j are the cutest couple– you could just feel the love they have for each other!   with a few storm clouds rolling in, we managed to get in and out of there with perfect timing and a bunch of great shots to boot!

mr h and miss a were the first set of twins i have photographed– and i couldn’t have asked for anything cuter!  we had quite the time keeping these precious easter outfits out of the dirt (yes, i am that far behind on posting), but we made it out of the shoot with easter outfits in tact and cute shots to boot!

{..and good luck saying no to this little pouty face! }

all images copyright 2010 amy mullins