beautiful s was my first maternity shoot ever– a glowing, maternity guinea pig, if you will 😉    she and her husband are such a cute couple and i was so excited that they let me try my hand at photographing maternity with them!

i think furbaby harley is going to have quite the surprise in the next few weeks, but they are going to be the cutest little family of 4- i can’t wait to meet the wee one for newborn photos soon!

mr g was born into a family of doctors that have lived just about everywhere… so naturally he is just crazy about his “trav*ler”  wagon!   the t family is so lucky to have these great little trails right in their back yard- mr g is going to have so much fun back there as he gets older.

you would never have known that this little stinker hadn’t napped at all that day-   so adorable!

i was so excited to get to photograph these two–  miss m is just adorable, and it’s no wonder considering her gorgeous mama!

love this sweet little lady and her perfectly pinch-able cheeks!

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Posted on April 11, 2011

holy gorgeous pregnant lady, batman!

seriously, could L be any more beautiful?!?  i secretly wish that i will look like that when i’m pregnant again… unfortunately i was more shrek-like than anything else first go-round, so my chances are looking slim 😉   this was only my second maternity shoot, so i wasn’t sure what to expect, but the C’s were so much fun to photograph–  i just can’t wait to do it all again with the little addition!

no joke, i am borderline jealous of mr b’s awesome nursery– the clean lines, crisp colors, and yummy light? color me obsessed 😉

i was a little nervous going into this shoot because mr b was 4.5 weeks old, which can be a little hard to get those good sleepy newborn shots. as it turns out, i had nothing to fear; b was cute as a button with those gorgeous eyes, and i had a great time photographing him!

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