newborn k | baltimore infant photographer

Posted on February 20, 2011

the session started off just like any other newborn session:  setting up, lulling baby k to sleep, snapping away… but it became clear as we went along that this was slowly becoming a sophie session!

mr k’s furry big sister follows him everywhere– if mr k is in his mama’s arms, miss sophie is right there with him.   she started off sneaking her way into mom/baby shots- which apparently just didn’t do it for her, so as soon as we were finished, she hopped right into mr k’s place on the beanbag and refused to move until she had her time in the limelight! {love!}

mr k is just precious– and i’m absolutely in love with  those perfectly pouty lips 🙂

don’t you ever grow up… just stay this little.

{and a stinky face}

the oat. | maryland photographer

Posted on February 5, 2011

mr otis is the fur-child of my fabulous cousin logo designer Lauren Richie.  back when i started the blog site, i agreed to do an otis shoot as a thank you for her awesome logo work– and i finally got around to doing the shoot when i was home over Christmas.  i was a little nervous since i’ve never done an animal shoot before;  as it turns out, photographing a dog is a lot like photographing a toddler… minus the tantrums and juice boxes 😉

he is such a spunky little thing & i know his mama just misses him to death up in that big city!

while i have met some great people up here that i just adore, i haven’t really met anyone that is a whole lot like me… that is, until i stepped in the door of the s family household.

not only are they both from the South (both within 2 hours of my parents’ house), but she used to take aerobics in college from one of my best friends… and in college, i was good friends with one of her high school teammates… and we have the same bed spread (i know i know, it’s the little things), and the list goes on.

… but when i spotted a newborn dress hanging in the nursery, it literally stopped me in my tracks.

there it was. the exact dress that i brought miss g home from the hospital in… the same one my mom had saved for me, because i came home from the hospital in it 27 years ago. oh, no big deal- miss a’s mama was brought home from the hospital in it too. i mean, seriously? maybe i should have asked if they have a multi-generational tradition of attending all-girls schools too 😉

so happy to have met them and their super precious baby girl!

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