sweet mr j | baltimore infant photographer

Posted on January 24, 2011

mr j is just the sweetest little 2-month-old!  i had the pleasure of photographing him while i was in TN over Christmas.  we flew down, so, needless to say, i didn’t have anything other than my camera with me.  after raiding my mother’s house & coming up with very little that i could use for an infant, i was excited to find the most perfect dough bowl on the h family’s coffee table 🙂  success!

i have known his mom’s family my whole life– in fact, i used to play with mr j’s uncle when i was a toddler!    it was great getting to see k & meet the little guy– he is adorable!!

yes, g is the girl of the hour

… and you won’t soon forget her name.

newborn d | maryland newborn photographer

Posted on January 18, 2011

beautiful family.  beautiful light.  what more can i say?  i am in loooove with this sweet baby and his perfect little pout (and his adorable big sister!)

and the most perfect little present…

this is the most fun, laid-back (gorgeous) family with one incredibly photogenic kiddo.  he was just a joy to photograph– he is so happy, and those big brown eyes?   melt my heart!  somebody get this kid a modeling contract!  LOVE.


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… for many reasons, really.  this was the second baby d (same name) i had that week!  this was also my second shoot with the B family, whom i just adore!  they are so easy-going & fun, and baby d’s big sister is one of the cutest–and most talkative– little things on earth.  love!

…and then we stuffed him in a stocking, which proved to be a little too embarrassing even for a 1-week-old 😉

helloooooooo cuteness.

these two are beyond adorable– full of energy, personality, & gorgeous blue eyes to boot!   they will certainly make you work for a good shot, but i had so much fun (even if i did spend 80% of the time mispronouncing miss g’s name… turns out i’m a visual learner?  guess that would make sense ;))

my favorite part of all was discovering tens of  images of these two making the exact same face– lips sticking out in mouth-trumpet formation.  and yes, i realize that no one but my siblings will understand that description, but that’s just because you don’t have your own band of mouth instruments now do ya?   what.

see?  mouth trumpets… no?  ♥

well, i did it again.  i packed up g’s bugaboo crazy-bag-lady-style and strolled on down the sidewalk in fells to the A family’s home.  this is no minor feat, mind you.  we’re talking a backdrop stand, massive beanbag, blankets, and countless other things teetering on top the stroller as i moved at a snail’s pace.  i got so many strange looks, but the best of all was when they opened their door and realized that i was basically moving in for the next few hours 🙂

mr d is such a sweetheart with that firey red hair and the most perfect little “ooooo” mouth.  i just loved meeting this family– they are so much fun even when they are running on only minutes of sleep (something much harder than bugaboo-ing a makeshift studio a few blocks in public ;))

we did a quick little shoot with mr c for the L family christmas card and,  as usual, he was full of personality & ready to DANCE dance DANCE 🙂  so stinkin’ cute!


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