mr d and mr r are such personalities– just adorable!  mr d is borderline obsessed with soccer, so we had to get in some good action-shot-bribery  for willing participation in the family shots 😉

i just love how the personalities shine through and you can tell that they have such a fun, laid-back  family dynamic.

i loooved this session!  of course, it doesn’t hurt that beautiful miss c is one of my kiddo’s playgroup buddies (and her parents just so happen to rock), so we had a great time!

this was my first time throwing a dog into the bunch, and lewie was awesome.  the lewie outtakes from this session are laugh-out-loud hysterical– who knew a dog could have awkward arm leg moments!?   still makes me laugh 🙂

baltimore family photographer

… and the best awkward lewie shot EVER.

(and, of course, miss g the bee)

last weekend we got together with a few of miss g’s little friends for some Halloween mini-shoots and they. were. adorable.  Nothing beats a toddler in costume- so of course I was super excited to document 🙂

mk & j | baltimore family photographer

Posted on November 8, 2010

talk about timing!

mk & i were both in a college friend’s wedding that weekend, so we decided to do a quick shoot the morning after (while my husband packed up for our 10 hour car ride immediately following!).  everything was lined up, but here’s the thing… we were in Tennessee.   we’re not talking about Chattanooga, where MK & I went to high school together… we’re talking Johnson City, where we knew nothing about the city and had NO CLUE where we were going to do the shoot.  we played it by ear and happened to drive past this amazing barn on our quest for a good location.  luckily, we made it through the entire shoot uninterrupted by the barn’s owner 🙂

anyway, they are such a cute couple & i really enjoyed our session!

….now to find a barn somewhere around baltimore 😉

newborn H | baltimore newborn photographer

Posted on November 3, 2010

you can already tell that mr H has such a sweet disposition, and he’s going to be quite the little charmer with those looks.    a big storm rolled in during our session (killing the natural window light), but i was so excited a few days later when his mom agreed to try out some new setups in our crazyunorganized garage 😉   i just love what we were able to get!

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