if there is one thing i can say for certain, it is that mr T loves gold jewelry cars.

{c’mon, you didn’t actually think i could write “mr T” without an A-Team reference?   right.  back to our much cuter mr T :)}

throughout most of our session, T was your typical toddler at a photo shoot– active, distracted, and wanting nothing to do with looking at a camera… that is, until a few cars came along 😉  he was all smiles for cars- pointing and saying “car! car!”  in that cute little voice.

we had a great session & (once again) i just adore those dimples!

little miss C is an incredibly photogenic kiddo, so of course i jumped on the opportunity to get a few shots of her with her parents!  her mom and dad certainly know their way around a camera, but that leaves them in the same boat that i’m in– tons of toddler shots and not a single one of the whole family 🙂

b at play | maryland child photographer

Posted on October 19, 2010

the morning started off wet and dreary, but luckily the sun came out just in time for mr b to hit the playground for what turned out to be a fun little family session!  {and aren’t those dimples just the cutest!?}

mr k | baltimore child photographer

Posted on October 14, 2010

looooved this session.  we headed over to Fells Point (mr k with his golf club in tow, of course) on maybe the ONLY day this summer with temperatures below 90 🙂   it was a perfect day & i ended up with a ton of shots that i just love.  mr k is going to be such a heart-breaker when he grows up with those gorgeous eyes!

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